In such a difficult time, music is what helps us to relax our soul.

Is nine months a lot or a little?

Everything is relative: for 9 months now there has been a war in Israel, for a country whose history goes back several millennia, this is a short time, for modern Israel, when the independence of the state was proclaimed 76 years ago, this is not a short time. For little Kfir Bibas, who was kidnapped by Hamas terrorists along with his little brother and parents, the term is colossal:

Kfir was 9 months old at the time of the abduction and has been held captive by Hamas for 9 months.


God has appointed 9 months for the formation of life in the womb, so that a person would be born …

for 9 months there is a war… Israel is on the path of rebirth, we have everything for this:

There are people — citizens of Israel who know how to create, there is the IDF — determined to live, to protect their country and their citizens from the barbarians who bring death.

Unfortunately, not everyone understands this:

The ICC prosecutor in The Hague demanded to issue a warrant for the arrest of Hamas leaders and the Israeli leadership, thereby equating Israel with terrorists.

And showing disrespect for the victims of the October 7 massacre by Hamas militants and complete indifference to the relatives of the victims.


He does not see the difference between an IDF soldier and a Hamas terrorist and he is not the only one, many of those shouting in the squares who do not know the history of Israel, do not understand what is really happening and do not want to see the truth, do not see the difference and do not understand that;

An IDF soldier protects his family and citizens of his country, a Hamas militant covers himself with his family and citizens of his country, putting them in the foreground with a human shield, placing missile depots in the basements of residential buildings or on the ground floors, residents of such a house have no right to leave their home on pain of death.


A Hamas militant is staging conflicts —

An IDF soldier eliminates conflicts.

 Hamas is a terrorist formation, the IDF is the army of a civilized country.

A Hamas militant seeks death in order to get to 72 virgins — an IDF soldier strives for life and returning home to his family.

Today I managed to talk to one of the reservists, this man has already been drafted into the army twice in 9 months and fought in Gaza.

This is the tenor of the Israeli opera Stas Davydov.

A man who, even at the front, in between combat missions, performs opera arias for soldiers to maintain the morale of the fighters…

תמונה: אורי אלקיים


— Stas, you were called up for reservist service, but even in the war, in between performing combat missions, you continue to sing.

Tell us about your emotions, about the emotions of the fighters, maybe they already have their favorite arias?

After all, music always helps in difficult situations, helps to distract…


— I can say about myself that when we were in Gaza for the first two weeks, we found a karaoke box and listened to music in between fights, for me personally it was a rest for the soul, for the heart, as if the world had stopped… and I felt very good about it.

That’s what I say about myself, but what I felt was the same as what my friends felt.

And then I sang for the soldiers, many came up to me and thanked me, because in such a difficult time, music is what helps us relax our souls.


Do you have a favorite opera aria that you performed?

What opera aria would you like to sing?


— I love Giacomo Puccini very much, he is a very talented Italian composer, he has incredibly beautiful opera arias, I dream of performing these arias someday. It’s just my dream!


— Dmitry Hvorostovsky once said: «Opera is an art for the elite, you have to be ready to perceive opera.»

Do you agree with this statement?


— I don’t believe it! There is a stereotype that opera is for a certain age, for certain countries, for a certain category of people…

To understand opera, you have to come and listen, this musical genre is open to everyone and I think everyone can understand it.

תמונה: בלטה טלקה


May I ask what you like: your favorite dish, drink, how do you like to relax?


— I like to relax in Israel with my wife and our children.

I don’t have a favorite dish, I love everything!!! J

But I don’t drink alcohol.


— May I ask a little about your creative plans?


— Yes, of course! 29 Aug, I will have a concert in the «סטודיו אנט» and 14 September I will be in Haifa, «במוזיאון לאומנות» it will be very beautiful and very interesting concerts, it’s an acoustic show, where I will sing and accompaniast himself on the guitar.

I also plan to work with the French director Bernard Bitan, we met when he was in Israel, he was staging a play, he heard me and invited me to his performance.

We have big plans to work in France.


You can buy tickets for Stas Davydov’s concerts in Israel by phone:

Tel Aviv, 03620-1185

Haifa, 04603-0800


Link to Stas Davydov’s personal instagram account

The title photo: יוסי סובה